Monday 6 June 2011

Welcome to the "Last of the Free"

 Painted by David
Painted by Andrew
 Painted by Andrew

Welcome to the "Last of the Free" blog. Inspired by the two movies out this recently, Centurion and The Eagle of the Ninth,

This blog is dedicated to a Romans vs Celts project by Andrew Taylor and David Imrie. Our first game will be a "Save the Eagle" scenario. Over the next few months we will publish images of the project as it takes shape.


  1. Subscribed!

    Glad you have decided to go with this. I just finished watching Centurions and it is a good movie. Entertaining and don't have to think too hard :)

    I also have a Celt and EIR army in the making so this will help keep up my momentum (such as it is).

    Happy Gaming,


  2. Great painting skills! Looking forward to the Save the Eagle scenario pics.

  3. Nice idea for a blog and beautiful work! I look forward to seeing the progress of this project.

  4. Just saw "The Eagle" and enjoyed it very much. But of recent Hollywood has not done the Picts/Celts depiction well in my book. They tend to portray them like American Indians.